Ep 110 Art Reference Finding it and Creating your Own

ByMary E. Alvarez

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In today’s podcast episode we’re heading to speak about locating artwork reference and producing your own.

Ep 110 Art Reference Finding it and Creating your Own


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I desire doing work from my very own reference pics

For me, I considerably want building my very own reference to perform from, irrespective of whether that’s from my creativity, from sketches I have finished, from a continue to everyday living life established up I have created, or from a image I have taken of my have personalized points. I also desire the subject to be something that relates right to me.

It would be much simpler for me to locate superior high-quality reference photos on copyright free of charge websites, these kinds of as unsplash, or Pixabay and they would be much better images than any image I could take… I mean I’m no photographer! But I just desire the sensation that the full approach has been my personal development, from start to complete. If I do not do it that way, then it just doesn’t really feel the exact same.

Which is not to say there is something mistaken with working from copyright free of charge reference, I signify that is what these web sites are there for. And they are actually handy for men and women who for what at any time motive are restricted as to how a great deal they can get out out and about. But I’m not minimal, so I just select to locate my possess.


I maintain that means to just take additional shots, the fantastic thing with phones at present is we have a seriously very good digital camera in our pockets most of the time. So it is a very good plan to retain a lookout for things you may want to snap.


Taking your possess pics for reference

If you see anything intriguing, make sure you choose a image of it. Have a collection for upcoming reference. I have a folder on my Iphone termed ‘Inspiration’ and which is where by I file those people photo’s. And that way, when I’m on the lookout for items to paint, I’ve acquired a starting up stage. I may not pick out to work from any of all those images, but they can still give me concepts for new paintings.


I don’t forget 1 artist telling me that from time to time she walks down the street with her cellular phone in her arms on the lookout like she is executing something on it and snaps shots of men and women. Naturally, this is not a very good idea if you plan to market the paintings. And I am not positive if I would have the nerve to do this, would you?


Change your photographs with an application

You can generally modify your images if you are great with photo-store or applications, or use your creative licence as I do to make the portray as you want it to be. So even if you do get snap-shots of people today on the street, you can generally adjust the colour of their hair, their clothing, you could change the condition of their nose… By undertaking that, you can’t get in any issues.


Improve the reference a bit

If you are heading to promote your paintings to be on the safe and sound aspect it is in all probability best to transform up the picture a bit. I paint and draw faces pretty abstractly so usually no-one would know the image I have used, but it is extra an difficulty if you draw realistically


Blend Visuals

You could also merge a few visuals and use all those a reference – But if you do that, you do have to be conscious that the gentle need to be falling in the identical way, usually it won’t make feeling.

For me, I may possibly get many photo’s and uncover that I like various bits of every single, for various reasons, so in that situation I generally use distinct photos to make 1 painting.


Lewis Rossignol has claimed that he does just that.

If you are just drawing for follow I don’t feel it issues what you use. If you are painting or drawing to sell you have to be a bit much more watchful. Copyright is a minefield. We have an episode on copyright for artists with an IP law firm where by we go pinto this a little bit extra – Episode 56 https://kickinthecreatives.com/ep-56-copyright-for-artists-with-eric-hanscom/


Will there be comparable drawings to yours?

As we stated before, there are lots of free reference web pages on-line, like Unsplash or Pixabay, and the pics are seriously large high quality.

But what you should really take into account, is that if you use a no cost photo on line, the probabilities are that other artists have finished the identical. So, there could be a couple extremely very similar drawings to yours out there.

Individually I consider it’s pleasant to be unique.That way you know that nobody else has done the exact similar impression.

Either that, or as we mentioned just before, transform the image… Adjust points around, enjoy with the colour… There is a large amount you can do that will make an individual elses reference become as a great deal your function in the finish as theirs.


Use royalty cost-free pictures and pay back any fees necessary

If you are heading to use other peoples images, decide on royalty absolutely free photos and if there is a cost spend it rather than just drawing off the screen, unless of course it’s just for follow.

I don’t consider we can fret as well much about it but even if you use royalty free of charge photographs there could still be challenges. If you put a photo of someone’s face on one particular of these sites you must really have a product launch which is a type that suggests that the particular person agrees for you to acquire their image and use it for this reason.


Check with buddies and family for their pics

You could also request mates and loved ones if they have photos you can attract from. If possibly you enjoy painting various sites and they’ve been on vacation, then request if you can see some of their pictures and use people for reference.

Or, if individuals ar your issue, you could question them to model for you!


There are websites like Paint my Image where folks have uploaded their photographs with out copyright limits


Credit the photographer

If you do work from a person elses impression, it’s also awesome to give credit history to the particular person who took the image. You are not obliged to, but I feel it is good to at minimum say thanks.

Collect illustrations or photos for inspiration

We do not generally need to discover reference that we want to function from pretty much.

At times it’s just awesome to obtain inspiration and ideas for potential operate.

That may well be seeking at other artists’ do the job, or it can be gathering photos of subjects you like to paint. Or you could even locate reference in your aged sketchbooks.

Reference doesn’t often suggest images. You may possibly even have created some thoughts down in your sketchbook. Sketchbooks aren’t for just drawing! Create points down if you do not have time to sketch them.

I publish concepts down on my white board in which it is in simple perspective on my studio wall. That is just as handy as any image is. In truth for me, in some cases that functions far better, simply because then I never have a fixed idea in my head. As an alternative my imagination plays a enormous component in my ultimate set up. For the reason that I’ve assumed about it, alternatively of just viewing it.

The other point I do is I obtain points that capture my eye. For example that crushed coke can I just finished painting… Which is a can I practically threw in the bin a few months ago, until I realised it makght make an exciting subject to paint a person working day. But, it could be anything… a scrap of product, a beer mat, an uncommon bottle… anything that you observe that may possibly inspire you later on. I’ve received a total cupboard just for issues like that in my studio.


We have a couple of blog posts – a person on places to discover face reference pictures and yet another on pose reference. We have also place together some no cost pdfs with royalty free of charge hand reference, faces and animals that you can download when you sign up for our e-newsletter.

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