Custom Trade Show Table Covers – Everything You Need To Know | Crestline

It’s pretty straightforward that capturing the attention of prospective clients is the ultimate aim of participating in a trade show. If you are able to create a strong first impression, you can make your marketing event a complete success with the help of a simple customized table cover. 

If you go through the several market research data, you will notice that maximum initial sales interactions last for only 30 or 40 seconds. At the trade shows, not only will you be competing for these precious few seconds, but you will have to be better than the rest. 

As the trade shows open up a sea of opportunities for brands to connect and engage with potential customers, the tablespace will be the prime area of interaction. If you don’t set the stage well, you won’t achieve the desired results. 

Why use the logo?

You will see that even the reputed brands will prefer to keep the logo on the table covers instead of anything else. Do you know why? Because it should be the first point of engaging the clients. 

  • A professionally designed and eye-catching customized table cloth with a big logo on it will help people to know your brand at a glance. 
  • It’s the best way to stand out in a crowd. Try printing the logo on a milk-white cloth, and you will know the difference. 

The customized fitted table covers allow you to add prominence to your tablecloths that will definitely attract more visitors to the booth. 

Cost- effective option

The cost of the custom printed table clothes varies depending on factors like

  • Quality of the fabric
  • Colors that you need
  • Size and shape
  • Printing style.

Although low-cost options are available in the market, it is not a good idea to settle for cheaper options. The reason is simple. The fabric quality or print quality cont be good, and you cant use it multiple times.

Convincing customers face-to-face

You, the booth, and the table cover represent the company. As you get the opportunity to make conversations face-to-face with the customers, it will be a good place to establish the physical presence of the brand. It is the best way to increase engagement with the clients directly. 

You will get better confidence to convince the client to buy your product or service. With the branding on the table cover, you will project the company better. 

A simple solution

Lighting, dress codes, and color schemes of the booth will always matter. But the table cover can steal the show if you get the best professionals at work. The design will not only help people to rely on the brand but will also aid in accepting the fact that the company does exist and is ready to serve the customers.

Even if you have an online presence, the physical interaction will help further to believe that the company exists for real. It is the best way to increase and promote further customer acquisition. Increasing lead generation is the appropriate principle for using the table covers as marketing tools.