Dallas painter creates art in Ukraine


Robert Marquez recreated “Guernica” beneath a collapsed bridge in the city of Irpin.

DALLAS — Less than a ruined bridge in the Ukrainian city of Irpin, it’s uncomplicated to place the Texan. Sporting a cowboy hat and with a paintbrush in hand is Roberto Marquez.

Marquez is a Mexican-born, Dallas artist who viewed images of the war in Ukraine and needed to act.

“It’s morally right. It is part of my duty,” he stated. “I said, ‘I’m likely to go and it’s possible I can do a little something with my paintbrush.’”

Surrounded by crosses for these who have fallen, he began painting a sprawling recreation of “Guernica,” one of Pablo Picasso’s masterpieces and an anti-war depiction of the Nazi bombing of the Spanish town in 1937.

Marquez did not get there in the place with a gun. The ammo belt across his chest retains brushes.

“I truly feel that this weapon is as highly effective as the Russians,” Marquez explained. “Maybe extra, way far more.”

Ability isn’t often about drive, and to Marquez, the painting supplies peace and hope.

“This listed here is an emotional internet site,” Marquez claimed. “People occur and notify me their expertise and that information is what I use as a mental picture.”

Another canvass a couple of feet absent is of the Ukrainian flag, with a notice future to it, telling all those in the town or passing by to share the names of these missing to the conflict.

 A couple folks previously have.

“I did not know it was heading to be this catastrophic,” he mentioned.

The names painted on the flag, the shoes and children’s toys below the bow-wrapped crosses are all reminders that outside of the visuals of a war-torn country are particular person lives ripped apart by themselves.

Below a collapsed bridge may well be the previous put to find art, but surrounded by the destruction of war, it is also exactly where splendor and inspiration are required.

“We’re here to assist,” Marquez claimed. “Maybe in a minor way, but it is true unfortunate, and it is a catastrophic issue that is going on and possibly with any luck , extra men and women will come to support.”

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