Create Your Own Cyanotype Print


Sir John Herschel initial made the cyanotype print above 170 several years in the past. His method takes advantage of UV light-delicate photographic paper which turns blue when exposed to the solar. The distinctive dim blue background is extremely popular in residence décor at the moment. With a wealth of foliage & bouquets in our gardens now it is quick to make your personal fake cyanotype print merely with a gel press plate.

Get your elements

Image of materials needed

You will need to have:

Utilize a base layer

Image of botanicals placed on gel plate

Utilize a cyan coloured acrylic paint onto your gel plate with a brayer. You need to have to work promptly so the paint does not dry out and you are aiming for a slim layer.

Position your botanicals onto the gel plate. You want to be speedy performing this so a best idea is to test out compositions in advance of putting any paint onto the gel plate so that you have a tough thought.

Pull your very first print

Image of first print

Pull you very first print by placing a piece of paper in excess of the botanicals and plate and press down with your palms. Apply stress all in excess of the plate, paying particular interest to the botanicals. Try and get in in between the stems and around the petals. Cautiously remove the paper. This is your standard print which gets rid of most of the paint. It closely resembles the photographic kind cyanotype print. Get rid of the botanicals and most importantly go away the remaining paint on the plate to dry in advance of continuing.

Put together the upcoming layer

Image of second layer of paint

Now apply a pretty, incredibly thin light-weight coloured acrylic paint onto the plate with a brayer. If you incorporate way too a great deal only roll the excess off onto some scrap paper.

Pull the ghost print

Image of the second 'ghost' print

Position a sheet of paper above the gel plate and rub with your arms all in excess of the floor. Gently peel off the paper. This is named a ghost print or the second print, normally this print is lighter in color and has a light overall look. You will see that all the detail veining of the leaves, grasses and petals comes out on this second print.

Some a lot more tips

Other ideas to try

If you have relished earning your very first cyanotype print why not have a go at these ideas:

  • Mixing two or a few darkish colors on to the gel plate as your initially layer. You could check out contrasting colours and mix them where they fulfill, or colors that sat in the vicinity of every other on the colour wheel
  • Mixing two different mild colours on to the gel plate as your next layer
  • Use your initial prints all over again at either the 1st or next phase. Aim for plenty of layers!


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