Create Interesting Art by Adding Contrast! — Caryl Fine Art


Visualize going for walks into a stylish room that appears to be like like it’s straight out of an interior structure journal. All of the surfaces are easy and all the edges are straight, apart from for a person factor. Your eyes go straight to the fuzzy, curvy rug or ground pillow. The contrast in form and texture give the room so substantially impact! 

I want to persuade you to produce the exact impact with your painting. Listed here are some suggestions for how to do that:

Distinction in Styles

What kinds of styles do you use consistently in your artwork, organic and natural shapes or geometric kinds? A portray that has fifty percent geometric styles and fifty percent natural and organic shapes will not be incredibly efficient, mainly because neither type of condition will stand out.

Even so, if you have a painting loaded with all geometric designs and then you incorporate a single natural shape, that form will build contrast, pleasure, and interest. Or incorporate one geometric condition to a painting that is crammed with natural shapes!


Distinction in Scale

The very same thought applies to scale. Let’s say that I’m painting straight traces on my canvas, and they’re all extensive and bold—about 2-3” wide. Then I choose a small brush and insert a slim line. The pattern is disrupted in the best achievable way!

When you are three-quarters or so completed with a portray, stage again and consider the scale of the aspects in the portray. Are they all as well equivalent? Do none of them stand out? If so, incorporate either a quite little or extremely big aspect and check out your portray come alive.

Distinction in Texture

Just like in the inside structure illustration above, a contrasting texture can be very captivating. If your painting is completely flat, consider introducing the equal of a fluffy rug: include modeling paste, crackle paste, or a medium that helps make your paint maintain stiff peaks like frosting. Not only will this make the viewer want to contact your painting, it’ll make it extra satisfying as a whole.

It’s All About Juxtaposition

Do you come alive when you’re with a sure buddy, just one that brings out the comic or the chat exhibit host in you? Any colour, shape, or texture in your artwork is not isolated—they are placed following to a neighbor who both lets them glow or will help them blend in. Make confident that you are intentional about juxtaposing your things and creating just the proper quantity of contrast.

Lots of instances through my coaching periods with artists just like you I’m in a position to level out a lack of contrast in a painting that the artist feels is unfinished or stalled out. It is enjoyable for me and my artist shopper as they ascertain how they will increase contrast and then carry the prepare out. The consequence is a productive portray and a satisfied painter!


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