“Classic Taekwondo: Core Approaches, Historical past, and Philosophy” by Doug Cook dinner is a e-book that all Taekwondo practitioners will want on their e-book shelf. It can be also a book that will attractiveness to other Korean martial artists and even those who do not observe Korean arts but would like to have an understanding of much more about the “foot, hand, Way” from the land of the early morning serene.

The book is divided into three components, the first is History and Culture, the 2nd is Philosophy, and the remaining section focuses on Approach. The initially two sections had been outstanding and will help all those people who follow the art of Taekwondo far better have an understanding of the record, lifestyle, and philosophy found inside of the art. These are the sections that will also enchantment to other Korean martial artists and even other arts. The 3rd component, Method, did an alright occupation of displaying a several tactics from the Taekwondo curriculum, but was not as robust or as exciting as the initially two components.

It is particularly complicated to boil a country’s heritage, particularly a state like Korea that has a extended and exciting record, into a handful of small chapters. I imagine Prepare dinner did a incredibly excellent job of narrowing the heritage down to a couple of of the most applicable and exciting historic references, starting with the legend of Tan-gun. He briefly addresses the Three Kingdoms and some of the vital gamers in Korea’s heritage. He has a little bit on the Japanese Profession from 1910 to 1945 which is crucial pertaining to Taekwodo’s growth. The future chapter on the Formative Years of Taekwondo is quite fascinating and will be worthwhile for all individuals that want to know a lot more heritage of the artwork.

The Philosophy component experienced chapters on the position of meditation in regular taekwondo, the improvement and use of fight ki, and the relevance of poom-se in conventional taekwondo. These chapters, all over again, were intriguing and educational. I do believe they supply the reader with a additional in depth seem at taekwondo than just the popular activity sparring.

The third, and longest part, focuses on strategy. It is the longest simply because it is generally pics, illustrating the methods picked out for the textual content. The chapters go over conditioning physical exercises initially, and then a chapter describing teaching approaches. When I agree with most of what was created, there have been a handful of matters that I would have written in different ways, especially the description of ho shin sool, or self-defense procedures. It is correct, that ho shin sool techniques give methods to grabs as published, but ho shin sool strategies also include things like defenses to strikes, kicks, and initiating moves.

I liked the guidelines pertaining to instruction, especially the emphasis on regard and security. Then, for the methods in fact demonstrated with shots, there are 18 Il Su Sik (A person-Phase Sparring) mixtures, 8 Sam Su Sik (Three-Move Sparring) combinations, 18 Ho Shin Sool (self-protection approaches), and 16 defenses for gals. You can glance at this a few approaches. First, just glimpse at this part as a small sampling of tactics you obtain in the taekwondo curriculum. Which is what it is. And as a tiny sampling, Prepare dinner did a excellent position of introducing it. However, to discover the tactics from the e book would be incredibly hard, just as discovering any martial art from a e book is not suggested, you require a reside teacher and a companion to prepare with. I did have a basic disagreement with the way some of the ho shin sool procedures ended up shown due to the fact appropriate human body positions, movement, and weight placement were being not illustrated, and I also have problems with a pair of the procedures fully. (i.e. blocking a pipe with your forearm) Even so, it is not the objective of this evaluate to interact in practicality of tactics and so forth. So ample stated.

There is a shorter conclusion, and then the appendix sections. Appendix A was exceptionally attention-grabbing. It told of a coaching encounter with Grandmaster Gyoo Hyun Lee in Korea. I found it attention-grabbing and it also manufactured me homesick to go again and practice in Korea. It seriously built me yearn for my next vacation around there to train. There have been also some Korean/English conditions and few martial arts corporations mentioned. Awesome additions to the ebook, specially the coaching expertise with Grandmaster Lee.

For the Heritage and Philosophy sections, I level this e book a 5, and for the Procedures segment a 3. Thus, the e book is a 4 in general and a e book I endorse all taekwondo stylists browse and find out from. I also recommend it to any some others who want to greater comprehend the historical past, philosophy, and strategies of standard taekwondo.

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