Choice Overload | Cramming in too Much Art Hurts your Sales


I just lately watched a TED converse that strengthened my viewpoint of the great importance of limiting the amount of artwork you attempt to exhibit when you are trying to create revenue.

I have very long managed that it is a bad notion to try out and show also much art at once. Regardless of whether the art is being demonstrated in a gallery or at a weekend artwork festival, I imagine it is far better to show a minimal variety of items as a substitute of making an attempt to cram almost everything you can into your space.

I feel that having also a great deal art in just one room hurts you in many means. 1st, it can make your exhibit appear crowded and unprofessional. Most artwork wants some area to breathe. Your screen will search superior if each individual piece has its personal visible place.

Several galleries and artists feel like they are a lot more likely to make a sale if they present a large variety of operate. This is a type of shotgun technique. The much more you exhibit, the wondering goes, the more most likely you are to have some thing that will enchantment. I would argue that the problem with this approach is that you could have a greater chance at acquiring the suitable piece in entrance of someone if there’s a huge array of get the job done, but the difficulty is the person won’t be ready to effectively see the art.

One more significant trouble with this approach is that supplying men and women far too lots of choices usually would make it difficult for them to make a determination. The TED talk I viewed gave me some scientific backing to this view. Sheena Iyengar, a well known psycho-economist (whatsoever that is!?) has finished study that reveals that when clients are confronted with way too many alternatives, they freeze up. It’s effectively well worth watching her speak at TED and imagining about how it applies to the art company. Iyengar’s insights about “choice overload” clearly show that when folks are confronted with also many choices, they choose not to pick out.

You will see in the video down below that possessing a broad range of alternative can attract site visitors, but it discourages prospective buyers. Feel about that for a minute. Have you at any time been at a show where you had wonderful attendance but didn’t make the income you would have anticipated?

Have you ever seasoned the option overload Iyengar refers to, both as a purchaser or when hoping to promote your art? What are your ideas about decreasing the total of art you present customers to boost profits? Share your insights in the opinions under.


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