“Carte blanche” at kamel mennour, Paris


Camille Henrot, Elizabeth Jaeger & Estelle Hoy

In a dedicated subterranean space of 5 rue du Pont de Lodi, “Carte Blanche” provides paintings by Camille Henrot along with invited artist Elizabeth Jaeger and author in residence Estelle Hoy. Even though designed individually, the will work exhibited in this spontaneous collaboration rhyme with every single other, inciting a deep psychological place in the depths of kamel mennour gallery. In reaction to the visible will work, a collaborative seem set up amongst Henrot and Jaeger was produced with a string and the crack of a door, building a whistling white sounds reminiscent of sounds heard when in the womb.

Introduced along with paintings by Henrot, Jaeger’s sculptures additional explore the angst of interiority and the romantic relationship between corporality, notion, consciousness and emotion. The partitions are inhabited by anthropomorphic black ceramic vessels, put on steel structures in a game of surreal balances. The diffuse emotionality radiated by the vases is consciously damaged by the hardness and severity of the metal plates. The miniatures along with incorporate figures put within just natural and organic seemingly claustrophobic types. Some manifest expressions of pure existential dread, even though many others aspect shut narratives– stories that are noticed but whose facts continue being personal.

Estelle Hoy presents texts in the gallery house that will also be released on the kamel mennour Instagram account as a weekly ‘feuilleton’ throughout the period of the exhibition. Instructed by the voice of an unreliable, amorphic narrator, Hoy’s character(s) appear to enact all of the a number of, conflicting impulses and feelings of each day existence and of our fashionable moments.

— Léa Trudel

At kamel mennour, Paris
till June 11, 2022


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