Camille Rose Garcia’s “Nereids of Mare Medusae.”…


At the moment on look at at Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle, Washington is artist Camille Rose Garcia’s solo exhibition, “Nereids of Mare Medusae.”

“I imagine the human occasions of the past handful of several years has still left me stargazing and ocean wandering as a survival tactic. I cannot only make artwork about a dying entire world, about a dying society, when there is however so substantially thriller and awe inspiring elegance to encounter all all-around us. My enchantment with ocean and star themes is tremendously affected by my setting. I are living 20 minutes from the Pacific Ocean in California, and all through the Pandemic I would get weekly ocean hikes with my mother, who life in a house overlooking the ocean that my grandfather developed.  It grew to become a source of fantastic ease and comfort and solace  to be at the ocean choosing up shells and unusual items of driftwood, and I wondered about its electric power to enchant and calm people via difficult occasions.

For my solo show, “Nereids of Mare Medusae”, I was wondering of the ocean and of the stars, and then, of study course, about oceans on other stars. I started out to consider the oceans on other planets, as I remembered that Europa and Enceladus, (moons of Saturn and Jupiter) the two have oceans inside the moon, surrounded by a thick crust of ice. I appeared to see if these oceans experienced names, but I couldn’t come across any. I made the decision to identify the ocean inside of Enceladus, one particular of Saturns’ moons. I named it Mare Medusae, not soon after Medusa, but immediately after the wonderful jellyfish drawings of Ernst Haeckel, who named the most attractive jellyfish he encountered following his lifeless wife Anna. The Nereids are Greek ocean spirits, but unlike the Sirens, they are benevolent in mother nature. The Nereids are not just really to glance at nevertheless, they are fast paced doing stuff in that ocean inside of that moon orbiting Saturn. Perhaps they construct magical instruments and natural devices made of shells and serpents, generating a psychedelic universe with benevolent audio vibrations.” – Camille Rose Garcia




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