Bitney Prep art project explores personal values


When we converse about “personal values” what do we necessarily mean? The general definition points to one’s judgment of what is essential in life. It also has to do with what actions men and women discover satisfactory and what behaviors they want to emulate. One’s own values frequently dictate how they run in the environment and contributes to their thoughts about them selves and their place in society. Reflecting on and comprehending one’s personalized values is part of the maturation system and getting the time to do this is paramount to turning into an asset to the group.

This is one of the explanations that all college students at Bitney Prep High School are engaged in a undertaking the place they take a look at their particular values. One more explanation is that this kind of deep reflection is aspect of the Bitney Prep ethos and an integral part of their curriculum.

Bitney Prep Superior School’s Math teacher, Alison Harper, puts it very best, “At Bitney Prep, we motivate self-discovery and exploration. The teachers listed here feel it is critical for college students to look inward and discover about what motivates them, what provides them joy, and what values assistance to make them who they are. When learners know much more about their personal values, it can enable them uncover which means and fulfillment in their lives. It can help give them way and enable them to focus on what is crucial.”

For the previous number of weeks, this evaluation of personal values at Bitney Prep has taken the kind of an artwork venture. “We’re performing this artwork project at the tail close of lessons on Nonviolent Conversation,” suggests Bitney Prep English instructor Kelly Casey. “Nonviolent Interaction is a strategy established by Marshall Rosenberg which teaches that all communication connects to human requires and human values, and we can all be superior communicators when we choose time to understand how we feel, why we really feel that way, and what human requires or values we are satisfying or not satisfying when we have that emotion.”

So how does an art undertaking in good shape into this? In solution, Bitney Prep’s science trainer, Amy Pugel, states, “The majority of projects that learners do (for us, and for college in basic) are slideshows or other displays the place they stand in entrance of their friends and verbally inform them what their undertaking is all about. But this Values Task allows learners a distinctive way to talk. Rather of verbally telling pupils what their individual values are, they signify their values in art sort with an Artist’s Statement detailing the ‘Why’ of their piece. Verbal communication is so considerably distinctive than creative conversation, and it is useful for pupils to discover all forms of communication. On top of that, quite a few of our learners are artists and this challenge offers them an outlet for their creativeness that is not typical in most projects. Other folks of us really do not have an artistic bone in our overall body, and this challenge stretches those people restrictions when also opening our eyes to yet another way of considering about interaction.”

The medium that students use to convey their values is grade-precise. Ninth graders will take a look at and express their values through collage. Tenth-graders will post a single photograph to characterize their personal benefit. Juniors will submit a 2-dimensional painted art piece and Bitney Prep seniors will post a 3-dimensional art piece. The expectation is that no matter what medium the students use, their items will be thoughtful and complex and a real reflection of how they see on their own and what they worth in who they are starting to be.

For case in point, Bitney Prep 9th grader Klaus Schoch is operating on a collage to discover the value of authenticity. Klaus selected this value because, “I think that becoming your true self is what’s most significant simply because if you do not have you, then what do you have?”

College students have been doing the job on their tasks for a several weeks now, and they will be sharing their art jobs and generating art galleries in each Advisory to share on the 8th quality shadow day at Bitney Prep on Friday, March 18.

All in all, Alison Harper sums it up by saying, “This art task not only will allow Bitney Prep college students to build a unique artwork piece, but also to share their art and their further selves with other learners all around them. Ideally, this will bring students closer and deepen the interactions they currently have with 1 another. When students come to feel observed and appreciated, it fosters the surroundings we attempt to create right here at Bitney — a local community where by college students are identified, revered and educated.”

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Klaus Schoch is doing work on a collage to discover the benefit of authenticity.
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