Baltimore News: ‘Great Migration’ Exhibition, Ben Marcin Review, Baynard Woods Interview


A Clearly show About the Fantastic Migration Strikes a Well timed Chord
by Seph Rodney
Posted June 21 in Hyperallergic

Excerpt: It’s not right until about a week immediately after attending the opening ceremonies for the exhibition A Movement in Each and every Way: Legacies of the Good Migration that I start out to realize just how apt the title is, and how considered and fitting its co-generation arrangement. The exhibition is manufactured by a partnership among the Mississippi Museum of Art (MMA), which hosts its first iteration, and the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA), to which it is slated to travel in Oct of this year.

The title refers to the historic growth amongst 1910 and 1970 in which somewhere around six million Black Individuals moved from the American South to other sections of the state, most famously to urban centers this sort of as Detroit, Baltimore, and New York City. As the show’s two curators — Ryan Dennis, Chief Curator for the MMA and the Creative Director for the museum’s Centre for Artwork and Public Trade (CAPE), and Jessica Bell Brown, curator and head of the Contemporary Artwork section at the BMA — place out in their introduction to the Fantastic Migration Critical Reader (which they compiled to accompany the exhibition), this means that in 1915, about 90% of Black Us residents lived in the South while by the 1970s only 50% did. This is a momentous shift, but these figures show a counter-narrative as perfectly: A lot of Black people today stayed.

The movement genuinely was in all instructions, which includes down, further into the land and soil that some Black people realized intimately and, in some strategies, however dependable. There was also motion inside of the South. Allison Janae Hamilton factors this out in a roundtable discussion, partially reproduced in the reader, amongst the exhibition’s artists, the curators, and four writers and researchers who also have connections to the South. Listed here, Hamilton talks about micro-migrations that take place due to the fact of forcible displacement, racial terror, and environmental climate considerations.




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