What is Alzheimer Illness?

  • Alzheimer is a progressive and degenerative mind illness which will cause complications with memory, thinking and behaviours.
  • Amyloidal plaques and neurofibrillary tangles are two types of proteins accountable for destroying brain nerve cells triggering Alzheimer illness.
  • Other contributing big components for this illness are hereditary, outdated age, mind injuries, Down syndrome, smoking cigarettes, melancholy, elevated homocystein level, heart troubles.

The indicators of Alzheimer disorder:

Brief phrase memory decline, inability to accomplish regimen perform, electrical power of judgment and reasoning deteriorate, change in temper, habits and interaction styles, impaired language competencies, emotional outbursts and in ultimate stage the individual’s means to understand faces and to talk is absolutely shed together with the capability to handle bowel and bladder handle.

Astrological significator for Alzheimer condition:

Ascendant: total toughness/weak spot of overall health, head and mind

6th house: dwelling of illness, life style

8th dwelling: everyday living expectancy, incurable disorders, traumas, lower and lingering illnesses, lead to of demise

12th dwelling: hospitalization, snooze, psychological diseases

Mercury:nervous techniques, represents the basic principle sponsoring psychological function, pondering, composing, hearing, all forms of interaction

Saturn:persistent ailments, tumors, desiccation, shrinking, underneath-purpose, retardation, and collapse aged age.

Mars: muscular program, inflammation of arteries top to the brain, incidents, vitality, fevers.

Jupiter:circulatory system.

Uranus:implies body electricity

Different combination’s for Alzheimer disorder:

  • Mercury is retrograded /inauspiciously put/set/debilitated/ hammed concerning malefic/aspected by malefic Saturn/Uranus indicates anxious ailments.
  • Mercury and Jupiter put in 6th/8th/12th residences and aspected by malefic.
  • Mercury aspected/conjunct/related with Saturn/Uranus signifies brain challenges.
  • Mercury put in 3rd dwelling and aspected by Saturn/Uranus.
  • Indicator Gemini and Mercury seriously afflicted and similar to 6th/8th/12th indicator may possibly trigger Alzheimer illness.
  • Mercury and Moon are inharmonious aspect or in 12th residence and aspected by Pluto.
  • 3rd home and Mercury are troubled by Neptune.
  • Mercury/Saturn relevant to trine/6th/8th/12th residence and aspected by Uranus


  • Moon aspected/involved with Saturn/Ketu suggests mental diseases.
  • Troubled 4th home and Moon signifies melancholy and psychological worries.
  • Moon in 6th/8th/12th dwelling indicated psychological conditions.
  • Closely tenanted 12th House specially with a Luminary there could advise mental sickness and institutions


  • Saturn and Rahu affiliation/conjunction/element offers delusion and mental problems and lingering disorders.
  • Saturn connected with trine/4th household, aspected by malefic implies brain problems.
  • Rahu positioned in angle/6th/8th/12th home, resulting in hypertension.
  • Mars, Mercury, Neptune conj in Cancer/4th house.

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