The physicist David Bohm, amongst other folks, thinks that we could stay in a universe that is simply a holographic projection of a actuality that exists exterior of our universe. This notion undoubtedly supports the Vedic notion that what we see is Maya or illusion, as properly as the shamanic or pagan notion that we live in a aspiration globe, truth current exterior our desire. At present, holographic projections are filmy and static, a very little like the incredibly true, stable, dwelling, respiration, and loving universe that we see close to us. There would need to have to be a elaborate holographic system that would let for the creation of our universe as we encounter it, anything that is archetypal, it’s possible even mythological.

If we do live in a holographic universe, then we want to inquire ourselves, what variety of mechanism would be expected for such a universe to exist. The zodiac, the universal mythological sacred circle of animals or animating ideas, would be that system. I say this since we may stay in a twelve sided dodecahedral universe.

Lots of have noted for some that the cosmic microwave history radiation, the remaining over strength from the Significant Bang, has tiny spikes throughout large locations of the heavens. A sleek round expanding universe really should give us a clean track record.

In 2003 the French astronomer Jean Pierre-Luminet of the Paris Observatory, in conjunction with an intercontinental group of astronomers, revealed in the journal Mother nature their findings that the universe could possibly be finite, some 30 billion light-weight a long time across, made up of twelve somewhat curved pentagonal sides, substantially like a soccer ball. This is significant. Having twelve sides, our universe might simply have some impressive astrological attributes and connections. It could be that our universe is designed on some style of intelligence that has embedded specific significant astrological legislation into it.

In addition to place acquiring a probable astrological composition, time reveals equivalent astrological connections. Astrological ages are overwhelmingly exact plenty of to point out an astrological template involved that directs human heritage around extensive durations of time. With this in intellect, the zodiac provides itself as a best mechanism to explain a holographic universe these kinds of as ours. It is implicated in the composition of area, and is uncovered in the structure of time and astrological ages.

It would appear like this. Currently being a finite universe, we can assume for the sake of this physical exercise, that there is a house marked for the creation of a actual physical universe possibly within just a much larger sized space of god-like or heavenly existence. A psychological zodiac is place into position that acts as the imaginative template for actual physical generation. From this megaverse, a Mom/Father beam of light, made up of facts about both equally actuality and manifestation, descends to a issue at the edge of this zodiac. This light then splits into two beams, a Mother beam and a Father beam. The Mom beam is reflected absent at a 90 diploma angle from the Father beam. This Mom beam, that contains details and understanding relating to the Goddess, circles the zodiac. There are twelve equal parts to the Mother beam. At every of the twelve astrological windows, 1 of these twelve beams is then mirrored and subtle by the prism of each animating window into the centre of the zodiac. Just about every window imparts residing attributes to this gentle crucial for a bodily universe.

The astrological zodiac is made up of two components that are vital for this thought. Initially, the seven first planets dominated the twelve astrological signs. In antiquity, the signal Taurus was in a natural way positioned on the Ascendant, the posture of the beginning of the 1st House. This placed the 7 planets as rulers in a vertical line down the center of the zodiac. The world Saturn guidelines the symptoms Aquarius and Capricorn at the top rated of the circle. The Midheaven sits involving them. The earth Jupiter procedures the up coming two signals down from the best, Pisces on the still left of the circle and Sagittarius on the ideal. Jupiter sits suitable under Saturn in this centre hierarchy. The planet Mars, the up coming in line from Jupiter in the photo voltaic technique, policies the indications Aries on the remaining and Scorpio on the proper. Mars sits below Jupiter in the center. Then comes Venus, ruling Taurus on the remaining and Libra on the appropriate.

At the fifth degree down this axis, the earth Mercury regulations Gemini on the left and Virgo on the right. Mercury also principles division as a high-quality, giving to this position the archetypal explosion of generation into a multitude of expression. Down below this the luminaries, the Moon and the Solar rule 1 indication every single, expressing the inventive quality of full and manifest division into female and masculine lifetime, yin and yang. The Moon principles Most cancers on the still left and the Sunshine policies Leo on the ideal. The IC, the base of the zodiac, sits between them.

The Father beam continues to descend along this mythic axis mundi into the middle of the imaginative astrological template. As it does so, one seventh of its beam is subtle at each planetary projection middle out into the inventive matrix to blend with the twelve incoming Mother beams. This results in a dynamic and residing moray pattern of innovative potential. The twelve energies of the Mother mixes with the seven energies of the Father building round wave designs that comprise all of the twelve Mother and seven Father characteristics and awareness.

What is now required to convey these up into manifestation is a third Baby beam to illuminate the moray sample. The Father beam descends to the base of the axis mundi and enlivens the Moon and the Sunshine. These two signals are symbolic of lady and gentleman, yin and yang within generation. The Mother beam coming in by the animating portals of Cancer and Leo blend with the Father beam. Male and female are born on the archetypal degree. They are the original Hero Twins, the Greek Sun god Apollo and his sister the Moon goddess Artemis.

A third beam of gentle is created that displays the divine kid. Moon and Solar emanate from on their own this Kid beam again up the axis mundi, energizing every of the 7 world projector centers. This mild then diffuses out into the moray sample illuminating the sample, and our universe emerges into manifestation, sound and actual physical, transferring, respiration, and loving.

As adult males and gals, we are the Hero Twins in manifest form. We are the Moon and Sunshine made manifest in human bodies. Just one significant component of holographic universe principle is that human beings are co-creators in our universe. We develop happiness or sorrow based on our psychological projections, on how we consider. In accordance to experts and other individuals who maintain to this risk, we are the third resourceful beam. But our journey back up the axis mundi of development is filled with road blocks. This is the mythic Heroes Journey.

In the Orient, the spiritual concept of human beings getting 7 chakra centers along our spinal axis is based on this astrological truth. Just about every of the 7 chakras corresponds to every of the seven world rulers of the twelve gates to heaven. All those who ascribe to this see relate that the chakras, the projector facilities, are blocked with various mental attitudes and fears so that we have a entire ton of trouble expressing a much more loving universe from our increased centers. Correct now we are likely to job by way of our base two chakras fairly very well. These facilities are facilities of survival and battling, of moi expression and domination, Cancer and Leo traits.

We meditate and have interaction in spiritual methods in get to cleanse our spinal axis and obtain access to our increased projector facilities. As we understand to do this with increased purity, we accessibility our capability to ship out into the innovative matrix new 3rd beam energies that will illuminate the moray sample with bigger stage imaginative energies. When we access the heart center, ruled by Venus, the earth of adore, we will then generate a universe of adore, compassion, prosperity and pleasure. The base two centers of survival will improve to venture beams of nurturing journey, Most cancers and Leo realities operating in harmony with Mercury at the 3rd chakra and Venus at the fourth chakra.

If we dwell in a universe of dreamtime illusion and Maya, of holographic proportions, then astrology will become the most dynamic and full mechanism developed for just this sort of a development.

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