Ask A Gallery Owner | Should I Include a Couple of Sentences about Art on My Site?


The Query:

I know you are pretty occupied and unable to respond to all issues. If probable nonetheless I would like to know your feelings re: Placing a 2 or 3 sentence description of each and every graphic on a web internet site.



My Reaction:

Many thanks for the question, John. Which includes a several lines about a piece of artwork on your web-site or in your other collateral materials is a excellent plan. I have identified that as collectors are thinking about a piece of artwork, they want to discover almost everything they can about that artwork and about your inspiration as you made it. This supplemental information provides to their practical experience and appreciation for the get the job done.

I keep that for most buyers, the determination to acquire a do the job of artwork is an emotional decision, and if their good emotions towards a get the job done of artwork can be strengthened with a excellent story (or even a mediocre 1, for that subject!) that psychological link to the artwork is likely to be increased.

A few of factors to maintain in intellect: There is a counterargument to my viewpoint, and that is that you should really depart the interpretation of the artwork to the viewer. The logic goes that a viewer will set their personal expertise into the piece and assign their personal meaning. I like the fundamental thought below, and so I would counsel that in your description of your artwork you speak in reasonably wide conditions of the precise nature of the piece (no actual site for a landscape, for example, or the exact particular person in a figurative do the job) and as an alternative chat in broad phrases about your inspiration for the piece.

The 2nd detail to keep in brain is that you must typically stay clear of turning into way too political or non secular in conversing about your perform – until the assertion you are earning is the art. Politics and faith/spirituality are sensitive concerns – why offend a opportunity consumer who may perhaps not be on the same wavelength? If a person is of your very same mentality, they will probably get the deeper meaning without having the need to have to spell it out in your description.

Don’t fear if you haven’t been such as descriptions up to now – you needn’t devote the future 3 months updating your web-site. Fairly, I advise you experiment with descriptions on new functions you upload to your web-site or deliver to your galleries and discover what functions finest, then dedicate to invest a little time with every get the job done of art coming out of your studio building a description.

Do You Agree?

Have you identified it much more efficient to share your ideas about your art or to depart clientele to interpret it for by themselves? Share your thoughts in the opinions.


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