I see factors other folks could not see
But when these matters I see are considered
Everyone would be influenced, they all glee
They see attractiveness through the photographs that I glued

I could have drama in my creation
Or portray humor in my creativeness
Distinctive strokes, special variation
And of my possess style in coloration

Viewers would feel my interior being
I could not hide any of my wondering
Lifestyle I have bestowed, I am now offering
With all of my artwork performs, they are shining

My mastery, I have you enthusiastic
Your pains or hurts would all be lifted
Even your joys would turn into unlimited
The brilliance of this perform truly are gifted

Occur, contact and truly feel me inside
Get inside, explore, roll around and spin
Exploit the globe of wonders we are living in
Its magic would brush your life to gain

Artistry, oh my, oh my, I adore thee
You share us your everlasting verity
I thank God for this craft everybody see
With Virtuosity I create life its own actuality.


I look on air, in my brain I see your grace
With my color pens and brushes I’ve traced
Each angles that you have grimaced
From in which I’ve seen the search of enjoy on thy face

I began to sketch these environmentally friendly eyes
With rich colour I’ve preferred inexperienced dyes
Like fresh new river herein my soul lies
Floating with love that never dies

My brush have formed your pointed nose
And one thing inside…you have me arose
Remembering you, Oh you smelling my rose
I really feel heaven…with you not even a although I might doze

As I reach on individuals charming cheeks
And blended colours unto a picturesque
Oh, they heat me… on it my paint licks
All those rosy cheeks I could not bear resist

To your luscious lips in this article now I draw
Your smile from pleasure whereby I glow
The grin you give, teasing me below
With your sweet-strong kisses I mature

A grayish brown stencil I have lined on your hair
They are tender and wavy like gold dust on air
I stroke them gently… my hand lay bare
I brush them wealthy… in my delight I stare

Herein I portrait your picture as I see you
This is the very best do the job that I dedicate for you

This artwork that I sketch in my thoughts’ perspective
Words and phrases of endless really like that I’d compose and sew

With colorful arts baring true feelings I woo
I have mixed, blended my adore with magical anew

All of my really like of text and arts…are you
Treasure them, they are from my coronary heart, my own brew…

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