Back in the early days of the twentieth century, life had become much too impersonal. Everything was too mechanized and too driven by the benefits of factory assembly lines. Individual craftsmen, with their artistic genius and passion for producing fine handicrafts, were almost completely overlooked in the frenzy for the factories’ mass-produced goods.

But a wonderful thing happened in reaction to this increasingly impersonal social trend. The Art Nouveau movement was born, and it flourished. Many people think of it as one of the most elegant, aesthetically pleasing art movements ever conceived.

It changed how we view our world. Its emphasis on style and grace made everything it touched become true works of art. Art became part of everyday life, and elements of the Art Nouveau style were used in stylish ornamental vases, clothing, glassware, furniture and paintings. But above all, it resulted in elegant jewelry.

Many people collect Art Nouveau jewelry, and for horse lovers an attraction to it is natural. Horses are beautiful animals in and of themselves; when an skilled artisan crafts their image in the elegant, graceful, stylish Art Nouveau style, the result is a can’t miss combination.

An horse jewelry collection can be built in one of two ways. You can collect genuine period Art Nouveau pieces, such as the antique fob pendant shown here. Notice the long, elegant lines and the perfectly-detailed bridles. It’s almost enough to make you feel the wind rushing through the horses’ manes.

The second way to build an Horse jewelry collection is particularly attractive to those just beginning. It involves seeking out modern pieces that were created in the Art Nouveau style. Fashions come and go, and jewelry is no different: it experiences a re-birth every few decades. This renaissance generally occurs in response to troubled social or economic times, such as those we’re currently experiencing. It’s no wonder, because when you’re a bit down or depressed, one of the best way you can cheer yourself up is to surround yourself with beautiful things.

Art Nouveau horse jewelry is just the thing.

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