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ANIMATED LANDSCAPES is a performative function built of ephemeral geometries painted in the landscape.

The landscape is crossed by theoretical, ephemeral steps. Environmental steps underline physical features and geometries, born from the assembly of human architectures and individuals of the territory. This notion starts from my exercise: to immortalise a precise time frame, the pictorial materialization of the time invested to make the get the job done of art alone. A study that enhances the gradual facet, the knowledge of painting in its turning into, in relation with the actual physical space that hosts it.

An unspecified amount of actions is generated soon after the exploration of the landscapes and the architectures that encompass metropolitan areas, amassing components all around which it is constructed aesthetically the plan of an exhibition intended to be the reflection of performative steps on the landscape. Studying the city material of a metropolis, wandering without the need of a spot, observing and photographing marginal and irregular facts, searching for the serendipity effect, supposes the will of a deep transformation and a methodological and conceptual revision, recovered by some students of flânerie as a system of investigate in the subject of visible sociology.

Territories, selected from time to time, for their precise anthropological and environmental characteristics, are investigated and explained by the creation of elements, forms and geometrical compositions produced with resources related with the territory and they are filmed in zenithal mode by a drone.

These animations are genuine performances, manufactured right by me with the assist of area volunteers, and filmed all through the improvement.

The development of these environmental choreographies exalts the performative part of the task and it exalts also the narration of the landscape.

The animation of symptoms is established in authentic time by the members, that following a preordained scheme, unfold the materials in the place, generating ephemeral compositions that talk with all those made by nature.

The zenithal issue of check out make individuals vanish, it seems to be like indicators are created independently in the landscape.

The will of accumulating ephemeral land art and participation comes from the intention of develop social interactions amid the artist and these who reside in the spots exactly where performances are carried out day by day, involving persons as the motor of the generation of indicators in the territory. By means of the use of choreography, that coordinates the persons associated, indications are made on the terrain and the action of visual dialogue with the landscape commences.

it’s a dwelling land art, that promptly gets a pretext to activate social interactions, showing a cross section of contemporary urbanisation and its dialogue with undeveloped locations not only a reflection on the aesthetical material ot the get the job done of art, but a radical change of interest from the “final product” to the resourceful act.

With this transform of potential the permeation of painting, images, video and human conversation, desires to locate new interpretations of the artistic motion innate in the space.

As a result the physical base of the exhibition comes from coordinated steps and choreographies in the territory: commencing from the aerial shooting of the places we create a video and photographic archive to use for the generation of monotypes and photographs of substantial structure retouched manually with pictorial interventions and indications.

Getting the cue from artists these types of as Francis Alys for his experiential strategy, Norman Mc Claren for his revolutionary use of animation and abstract frame by frame, Eadweard Muybridge as the inventor and experimenter of the frame as a temporal unit and Robin Rhode as his present-day disciple, focalised on the use of sequence as narrative instrument, the challenge is put in a line of investigate that starts from the 50 percent of the nineteenth century up to right now.

The most important character will often be the territory and the inspiration it generates.

The crossing is the initially act of analysis.

“The thought of process in 2501’s visible language does not straight problem the gesture, the chosen space, or the surfaces involved. In its place, it is the representation of that extremely same time and space, developed and occupied. The juxtaposition, the comparison, and, in component, the definition itself of the time the act of painting needs are necessary to the artist. It is not a coincidence that Nomadic Experiment is characterised by a documentary element and by an authorial a single, an intangible archive for all intent and functions, a digital area to discover video clip testaments purposeful to the reconstruction of the task realisation in its entirety. Piecing all the fragments again collectively, what is right away evident is that they functionality as a synecdoche, that is a aspect representing the whole, a single ‘appearance’ of type capable of restoring the absolute sense of the artist’s will.” from LEARNING FROM 2501 by Fabiola Naldi

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The functions are showcased from 29 April to 25 June 2022 in the courtyard of Palazzo Brami at Spazio C21, Italy.


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