3 Ways to Inspire Your Art This Summer — Caryl Fine Art


Ah, summertime! Picnics, parades, pool time… there are so many summertime sights, sounds, and smells surrounding us. How could we not be inspired? And yet with the heat, visitors from out of town, and changes in family schedules, it can be easy to let your art practice slide and to miss out on this inspirational season.

Here are three ways that you can ensure that you’re keeping the creative fires stoked during this busy season:

  1. Let Travel Inspire Your Art

Most of us take a trip in the summer—to a family reunion, the beach, or a vacation out of town. This is a great thing for your art practice, even if you’re not able to bring many (or any) art supplies with you.

Simply putting yourself into a new environment is incredibly stimulating for an artist. Think about using your cell phone camera as a creative tool, and capture images of everything that catches your interest. From landscapes to faded old signs to flora and fauna to cracks in the sidewalk, be looking with your artist’s eye.

I like to create an album titled “Inspiration” in my phone’s photo library. I place all of these photos in the album. This is helpful in a few ways: 

  • It gives me a moment to reflect on my photos and acknowledge the inspiration.

  • It provides me with an album to turn to in the future when I want a dose of inspiration.

  • It helps answer the question “Why do I have 15 photos of sidewalk cracks?”

I also like to bring a sketchbook on my travels, so I can capture sketches and notes. It becomes a travel journal as well as a place to record what inspires me!

I recently traveled to Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. As my husband and I hiked through incredible landscapes, I knew that the colors, shapes, and skies will be feeding my future artwork for many months!


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