3 Ways to core vintage-inspired ephemera for journaling and collage


If you like the idea of employing classic ephemera in your creations and perhaps really don’t have accessibility to any where by you are, I’m sharing 3 approaches to rating classic-encouraged ephemera for journaling and collage.

Why do men and women love gathering and building with classic ephemera?

Perfectly, vintage ephemera is paper treasure. It’s a way to get a glimpse into the past.

What can make it so appealing to work with? Often these papers have desirable typography and patterns, present appealing details and illustrations, and can be rather important. On the realistic facet, ephemera is ordinarily compact, very easily despatched by means of the mail, and quick to retailer because it is flat.

If you like the plan of using classic ephemera in your creations and possibly don’t have obtain to any the place you are, here’s what you can do about it.

My 1st idea is to appear for and locate papers in a “vintage style” all around you.

For case in point, retain your paper-fodder eye open up at the grocery store. Here are some illustrations.

  • Trader Joe’s flyer
  • D’arbo – jam labels, Late July – crackers
  • wine bottle labels

My 2nd tip for acquiring a hold of classic ephemera is to trade it.

There are so quite a few artwork teams on the net. The most important selection of teams I can believe of is on Fb. I don’t have any suggestions for unique groups. You’d have to do some research to see what is the appropriate in good shape for you. You also have to assume about what you could possibly present.

I produced my possess local community, off of Facebook, and it is referred to as the Collage Artwork Collective. I have obtained a put within exactly where you can come across others to trade papers with.

If you are not interested in making an attempt on the internet groups, test your neighborhood community to see if any art teams meet up with. This could be as a result of your library or group middle.

You can also study a lot more tips I have published in a web site submit about where you can discover vintage ephemera.

My third idea for attaining classic ephemera is to make your very own.

“Wait a minute”, you could be contemplating. “If I make it, doesn’t that suggest it’s not classic?” Of course, it does, but that is ok since, you can make quite innovative pieces in a classic design that will operate just as properly, if not much better, than the authentic thing. Allow me exhibit you.

  • stamp on outdated textbook paper
  • stamp on tea luggage or use them as an overlay
  • napkin stamping
  • inking
  • printing ephemera

a metal ring holds a stack of vintage scrap papers

I stated that generating your personal ephemera could be even superior than the serious thing. What do I suggest by that? I say that mainly because you can make adjustments or modifications for certain assignments you are working on.

I hope this presents you some ideas for getting your very own ephemera. If you have any other strategies or advice, enable me know in the feedback. 




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